Contacts & Location
 E.N. 125/10 Estrada do Aeroporto
 Apartado 322, 8001-904 Faro
 Tel: +351 289 887 700
 Fax: +351 289 887 709
  GPS coordinates:
 3702.049' - 757.757'

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10 min from Faro Beach

What they say about us

" Rooms are big and very clean, and staff spoke English. The attached restaurant is actually pretty good value. During our stay we saw a few airline staff there so you know it's overall pretty good. The location is in a quiet area near the airport which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It's just far enough that you need to have a car to get to and from to the airport - you should have a car anyway since you need one to get to the various beaches, and there are at least 3 car rental places within a 5-10 minute walk. "